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Netpearls.co.uk is the UK branch of Interpearls.com and Netperles.com worldwide Group.
We buy pearls directly from the Pearls farms by moving ourselves to China,  Japan,  Australia and  French Polinesia. Sometimes we buy the whole annual production of a farm. We take a care at each step of the quality of the pearls that we can offer.
We move ourselves to the places of production to obtain the best quality-price ratios. Thus we check that the pearls are of very high quality and their colours their reflections will be able to agree perfectly to carry out a jewel of top-of-the-range at unbeatable prices.

Freshwater Pearl Farm



Our beautiful history  began in  1996 when one of our today's colleagues made a thesis on the market of cultured pearls for the end of its studies. It was assembling this important file that the taste of cultured pearls came to him. He moved to China and Japan  buying a small quantity of pearls, Akoya and Fresh water. Once back the sales were carried out quickly and he went back there to buy a larger quantity of pearls. 

How can we offer to our customers such low prices? The reason is simple, we work directly from farms to on-line sale, no intermediary. It is also the reason why we can offer variety of colours, dimensions and the lengths which you wish. We can deliver everywhere in the world. All the stock of the collars and jewels is at our office in California and all our deliveries are made by Chronopost International or Fedex.

"WHOLESALE" We can also offer our jewels to wholesale clients at special prices, contact us for terms and conditions to

Our group owns a farm!

Our main work room in LA is the first american company to own an Akoya pearl farm in Asia.

The relatively new farm, located in Xuwen, Guangdong, China is registered in China as "Xuwen Jinhui Pearl Company" in Chinese and is opened with a Chinese business partner.

 Three million shells are currently under cultivation in the farm’s waters.

Founded in 1996, our big group conducts 99 percent of its business online. Netpearls.co.uk came online on 2002. Typically, owners of farms sell pearls to distributors. Distributors would then sell their products to retailers who finally offer pearls to consumers.

Our group is the first of its kind to “backward integrate,” therefore eliminating the many middlemen.

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