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Choosing pearl size for necklaces

When all other value attributes are identical, the value of a pearl is determined by its size. The larger the pearl the more valuable. Pearls are measured by their diameter in millimeters. Tiny seed pearls can be smaller than a single millimeter, while South Sea pearls as large as 20 mm have been found. If all other quality factors are equal, the size of a pearl will determine its value. Only a 1 millimeter increase in pearl size is a substantial jump in both appearance and value. The average pearl sold today is between 6.5 mm and 7.0 mm. Most pearls sold today are in the 7 to 7.5-millimeter range. Akoya pearls greater than 8 millimeters are considered extremely rare. (The largest pearl an Akoya oyster can produce is around 9 or 10 millimeters.) Pearls larger than 10 millimeters are generally not Akoya pearls, but are instead: black Tahitians, white South Sea pearls, or large freshwater pearls.

perles de 6,5 mm

6-7 mm

 6 - 7 mm:  This is the most common diameter which is found in necklaces in the shop windows of jewelers. This diameter is recommended for a pretty gift for a woman who loves fair jewelry. It 's the perfect choice for the very first pearl jewel. You can find this diameter consulting our catalogs of Akoya or Freshwater pearls. We have a large variety of necklaces of different pearl colors and different lengths. We can mount necklaces of any length, contact us to ask for a price of a personalised pearl necklace with the pearl size and necklace length you wish.
The necklace in the picture measures 18-inch.


perles de 7,5 mm

7-8 mm

7- 8 mm:   This is a classic range of pearl size for necklaces. This diameter is perfect to celebrate an important occasion such as a birthday, a graduation, or an even more beautiful bride. The pearls have always symbols of purity in its overtones of white, match perfectly with the wedding dress. The brides almost always wear a pearl necklace for that day. You can find pearls of this diameter consulting our catalogs of Akoya and Freshwater Pearls in various colors and lengths.
The necklace in the picture measures 18-inch.


perles de 8 mm

8-9 mm

8 - 9 mm:  The pearls of this size belong to the world of luxury and extreme beauty. These pearls are not very common, especially among the Akoya pearls, jewelry made up with these pearls are considered rare. These pearls are of great value and fall into the range of gifts for a woman who loves luxury, beauty, sophistication and elegance. You can find this diameter consulting our catalog of Akoya and Freshwater Pearls. This diameter is the first size of Black Tahitian Pearls that usually can be found in Tahitian pearl earrings or pendants, while Tahitian pearl necklaces are usually composed by larger pearls.
The necklace in the picture measures 18-inch.


perles de 9 mm

9-10 mm

9 - 10 mm:  The pearls of this size are fascinating and gorgeous, as regards Akoya pearls 9-9.5 mm is the largest diameter that can be found in this family of pearls. The rarity of this diameter in Akoya pearls gives a huge value. This size makes a prestigious gift for your bride, or to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. This diameter is also the first diameter which can be found in the South Sea pearls. Pearls of this size are available in Freshwater and Tahitian pearls as well.
The necklace in the picture measures 18-inch.


perles de 10 mm et plus

more than 10 mm

Over 10 mm:  This pearl size represents pearls of the highest range. For Akoya pearls this diameter is practically impossible to find, and only rarely we can offer a necklace with 10 mm Akoya pearls, and in these extremely rare cases, it is truly exceptional jewelry. You can find this pearl diameter in the family of Freshwater Pearls (10-11 mm). These are rather rare in this size, and assume a value in proportion to its size. Netpearls.co.uk can offer Freshwater pearls of the highest quality of this size. This size is very common in Black Tahtian Pearls, and also in the Australian South Sea Pearls. Diameters of Tahitian pearls ranging between 8.0 mm and 18.0 mm, while for South Sea pearls ranging from 9.0 mm even up to 20.0 mm. For the latter diameters must consider that it has to do with the absolutely best pearls in quality, considering about perfectly round pearls of very high quality.
The necklace in the picture measures 17-inch.